Remember #MooveIt?


I can’t believe it’s been four months since the day we started our little program, Mommies Daily MooveIt, where we gave out UHT milk for the street children. At first, we just wanted to give them out ourselves, but then we thought why don’t we try to involve others too and engage our readers in a fun way.

Then we came up with the idea that we would give 1,000 boxes of milk if our Twitter followers reach 3000 within 24 hours. Turned out, we didn’t get 3000 followers…BUT…we achieved something bigger than that. We received, in total, 6000 boxes of UHT milk..woohooo!. You should have seen what our office looked like, it almost resembled the inventory division of a milk factory! I remember our Twitter and our phone was buzzing non stop. So many people were willing to chip in, some transferred money and some dropped the milk here. There was one person who dropped as many as 2400 boxes of milk. It was getting too many that we had to reject some donation :(

We went to ‘work’ the following day, meaning trying to distribute the milk to the street children. We headed to TB Simatupang area and distributed some, it was raining and the street children just walked around the intersection with their wet clothes and bare feet :( I still remember the excited look on their faces when they received the milk. We distributed the milk to Cikini area too that night, many homeless people built temporary ‘home’ under the railroad bridge.

After a few days of driving around, the mountain of milk we had in the office didn’t seem to decrease. You see, our plan was to distribute 1,000 boxes, which we would have distributed in a matter of two days..but 6,000 boxes were just too many to be given to street children and would take a few months to do that. So we had no choice but to also drop the milk at a few Rumah Singgah and Panti Asuhan. Some of the recepients were, TK gratis Sekar Harapan, Dilts Foundation – Tanjung Barat, Sanggar Akar – Kalimalang, Yayasan Cahaya Cinta, Rumah Singgah Masa Depan, Pondok Cerdas Katalonia, Yayasan Abhimata, Rumah Singgah PKBM at Tebet and one rumah singgah in Pejaten area. I remember  in Manggarai the whole kids sang ‘Kasih Ibu’ for me when I was there, that got me all teary eyed of course. In the near future, we are also planning to work together with Sahabat Anak, an organization dedicated to providing schooling and nutritions for the street children all over Jakarta

Anyway, we wanted to give you this quick report and show you the picture. Our heartfelt gratitude for all of you who have been so generous to make this possible. Every drop of the milk that go down to the kids throat will be a blessing for you. We hope to continue doing something like this in the future and will keep you updated for sure :)

Let’s keep on MOOve it!

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