Mommy’s (Diaper) Bag

I believe most of us start with a common diaper bag, whether it’s a baby present or we already listed it in our pre-baby shopping list. It’s usually the one with cute pictures of bunny and duck,  in quilted style, or the one that is just plain either in blue or pink. But we were afraid that the dads will be hesitant to carry the pink one :D

My first one was a present, with a matching sling carrier. The sling worked just fine until today, but the bag has gone out of duty since Darris was just a few months old. Okay, I’m a bag abuser. But don’t we all if it’s about our babies’ gears? Especially with our first baby, we were always afraid to leave something crucial at home. So we bring all of them, some diapers, baby cream, wet tissue, wet cotton squares, extra clothes, socks, you name them. Not to mention Mommy’s stuff like wallet, phone, tissue, makeup pouch, etc. So as predicted, the inner lining ripped off. After that, I preferred to bring my own bag and filled it with baby stuff than vice versa. But there was still one problem. It was still  messy as a no-pocket-diaper-bag. Note that this happened  looong before bag organizers are as various as today.

During my third pregnancy in 2008, I started to browse ‘real’ diaper bag like Skip Hop and Allerhand. Oh it’s sooo neatly organized! *I know..Where have I been?!*. But I wasn’t sure whether I can organize my budget to afford one of those. Luckily, the model I was drooling were sold out everywhere. So I was left with some time to think and to give it a good consideration. For the price of Rp 700.000-1 million, I can have myself a new bag too huh? :D

I kept on browsing until I found a roomy, classy and sturdy bags that would be a perfect diaper bag. And then I found bag organizers too. It’s from the same designer that create ‘diaper bag organizer’ that Affi had mentioned earlier. What a perfect combination, I thought. I can have a big sturdy mommy bag plus a bag organizer with half the price of a fancy diaper bag.  That means I can have two or even THREE of this combination with my current budget :)). When you think of it, diaper bag can only be worn during baby times. But mommy bag can accompany me far after my babies are entering elementary school.

So, that was my diaper bag story. Do you carry a diaper bag, or mommy (diaper) bag? :D

(The bag is red Ciciero Tiara, now discontinued. Bought at 275.000. Bag organizer is Siggy from 16million, 80.000)

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  1. Hallo, Reizaaa… ɑƙϋ udah 4.5 bulan pakai bɑby♡ care center *ga nanya ya* hehehehe.. Puas bangetttt!!!!! ɑƙϋ beli 1.4999.0000 :) pas bulan lalu ɑƙϋ ke kasih ibu kayaknya udah ga ɑdɑ ɑƙϋ tanya bisa pesen koooo… :)

  2.’s been over than a year since I posted my first ‘report’ about my awarded-emergency-baby-bag!^^ yup, u can tell that am still using it. My bɑby♡ is 15 months now, I bring the bag everywhere. Am dropping the diapers to max 4 now and left so much empty space for 2 sleep suits (always bring extra-u’ll never know when it’s gg to be hot and sweaty lol) and another 4 sets of clothes+a comfy old-navy blanket. I moved the petit size shampoo+shower bath to front pocket along with travel sized laundry gel and use the pocket to put 2 pairs of socks and some towel napkins for God-knows what emergency :-D The other pockets I use mostly for first aids, you can ask me for digital-ear thermometer, bye bye fever, tempra, bioplacenton, trombopob, transpulmin, minyak tawon, betadine, breathy, vicks bɑby♡, plester, cotton bud, pins, scisors, small flashlight, batteries (for flashlight and mini fan—i put the mini fan in MY bag :D). My baby medical record book also packed in the Bɑby♡ Care Centre. Everything is there and I never feel hesitate to bring it everywhere. It is good when u have everything that u need for your bɑby♡. It saves me so many times and my DH’s time too lol. The bag is super versatile. I will not stop recommend this Allerhand Bɑby♡ Care Center ever to everyone! :) My cousin recently dropped her other 1 month old ‘german brand’ bɑby♡ bag and get the Bɑby♡ Care Center at IDR 1.539.000 from kasihibu Dharmawangsa Square. It’s pricey but worth every penny. There will be no regret, ever! ^^

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