Inside Kheyn’s Green Bedroom

Green, Green and Green.That’s the impression when you first enter Kheyn’s (2 y.o)  room. Green dominate almost everything, from curtain, wall paint, bedding set, and almost all the accessories has the touch of green. When me and hubby were planning our baby room, I don’t know why but the color green shoots through my mind, maybe because the slogan “Go Green!” was very popular at that time so with the hope that someday when our son grew older, he would be someone who love and care about the environment around him, Amin :)

There’s no specific design for Kheyn’s room, we just designed it to make it as comfortable as possible so that he would enjoy being in  his room. Since he was just a newborn, Kheyn already slept by himself. So we do our best for Kheyn’s bedroom so that he also feel secure being alone in this room at night. Personally, I really feel that it is very important to teach our children to be independent since early age and by getting them to sleep in their own bedroom is one of the way to teach it. Kheyn’s bed is a legacy from our family and it’s been used for a couple of decade. It’s still pretty decent so we decided to fix it and re-paint it and taadaaa.. the result was not bad at all. We can proudly say that it’s not much of a difference if we compare it with new bed frame :P

For the wardrobe, its all custom made. We choose some models that we like from kids room interior book and use it as a referrence. For accesories, like the rug (my favorite one “Classic Pooh”), book shelves, tissue holder, smiley bed lamp (ACE Hardware), etc we bought it one thing at a time. When we go out and see something green, cute and most importantly with friendly price, we bought it indefinitely.

For the wall paint, we paint half of the wall green with washable paint. With the same reason like other mommies, if the artist in our kids starting to emerge, we could clean it easily. But I do try to teach Kheyn not to scribble all over the place, that’s why we dedicated one side of his wall, that we called “Wall of Fame” where he could freely do whatever he wants with it – sticking stickers, putting his art work and scribble all he wants.Thankfully,  Kheyn knows that he’s only allowed to scribble on that side only. I also put a Robot sticker which function as a black board, so Kheyn could use his chalk to draw, and again I found this at ACE Hardware . For the border in the middle of the wall, I used DIY sticker that can be sticked easily.

For me bedroom is just like their own kingdom, where they could feel cozy, warm, fun and comfortable inside :)

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