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There is no school for parenting, but that shouldn't stop parents for learning! We believe every parent has their own story and valuable knowledge, so let's discuss with other parents (or soon-to-be parents)! Mommies Daily now boasts thirteen WhatsApp Groups, a safe place for mommies (or daddies, or aunts, uncles, and grandparents too) to chat, have a meaningful discussion and ask any kind of question they might have. Being judged is not included.


Our community provides a safe space to share for parents who are aware and concerned about physical and mental well being of themselves, their partners and children. A community supporting financial independence and father’s involvement in raising children. It’s where they share and lend support to each other, no judgment involved.

You can choose from available groups most suitable to your needs and/or conditions

Our Community Whatsapp Group

  1. Pregnant Woman
  2. New Mom
  3. Mom with Pre K & K
  4. Mom with Elementary Kids
  5. Mom with Preteen and Teen
  6. Mom with Special Needs Kids
  7. Single Mom
  8. Mom with Twins or more
  9. Dad’s Club

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