From the ladies who bring you Fashionese Daily, here is Mommies Daily!  True, we love bags, shoes, makeup and are obsessed about finding the right skincare. But above all, we’re all mothers.

We understand the ups and downs of being a mother. We understand that being a mother goes way beyond putting our little angels’ face on our avatar or profile page in Facebook. We understand that we’re not supermoms and like everyone else, we learn through trial and error. We also understand that while trying to keep pace with everything that is going on in our lives – children, husband, career, financial matters and social life  – we need friendly, non-judgmental advice from other moms or just someone to remind us that no matter how crazy it all seems, it’s still a fun ride and we should never forget how to laugh at ourselves. And that is why we’re here!

Mommies Daily is dedicated to all Indonesian moms out there, who just like us strive to be realistic and practical mothers. So come in, stay, laugh, share, listen or do whatever at Mommies Daily. We hope you enjoy your stay.

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