Happy 6th Birthday Female Daily Forum :)

Wow, 6 years already?


I remember when there were only 50 active users online at any given time. Last week, we hit the mark with 8,223 users online at the same time!

When it comes to statistic, we now have:

Bear in mind that we do delete non-active members from time to time. So, most of the members that we have now are considered active members. I’m glad that after six years, we’re still striving for quality instead of quantity. :)

Female Daily has grown a lot these past six years. It has also gone through some growing pain moments- from a change of name (previously Fashionese Daily forum) to a change of platform, hosting, server, design and even logo! But those technical improvements won’t change the fact that the forum is still filled with a bunch of friendly and compassionate ladies who find meaningful connections with each other through their love of fashion, beauty, their aspiration to build a happy family, their willpower to be better in all aspects of life from financial, career, health, family and many more. After six years, we are still a place where not only women connect with each other, but also find friends, find useful information, share product recommendations, thoughts, knowledge, and ideas. The fact that Female Daily’s members keep on growing means that we are now even more relevant for Indonesian women in every stage of their lives.


Some of you might remember how it looked like back in the early days. By using PunBB engine, I designed the header and created all the categories, forum sections and threads. As you can see, the forum section hasn’t changed much from the beginning.

Earlier this year, we have committed to give extra attention to the forum and the community. Thank God we now have Sarah as our Community Manager. We also have more events so far than the past, thanks to Manda, our Event Manager.

Female Daily forum has a humble beginning. What started from the living room now has grown into a company with 25 full-time employees with an office in the nicest location in Kemang Raya No 2. I guess the moral of the story is, everything started with a dream and a vision. When you like what you’re doing, when you pour love and hard work into it and you add a strong determination then the dream becomes a reality.

Today is also a perfect opportunity to thank our advertisers and partners who have been giving their tremendous support to Female Daily forum, especially those who have believed in us since the very beginning. We feel lucky to be able to work with companies who know and appreciate that our unique voice is the strength of our community and that each campaign we do with these companies enhance that strength instead of compromising it.

Community events in our community center

We’ve created a special category for our 6th years anniversary here. We’re looking forward for your participation in those threads. It’s been nostalgic and heart-warming reading everyone response in those threads. Thank you everyone for being a part of Female Daily forum and for your tremendous contribution to make the forum a resourceful place. As a token of appreciation to our loyal Female Daily members, we’re giving away many prizes too! Check it here and read this…

Zalora Presents Female Daily 6th Birthday Promo
20% off for Female Daily members. Valid from May 28 – May 31. Enter promo code: ZFDN20
*not valid for beauty and discounted items.

It starts tomorrow, ladies. So hold on for a little bit. In the meantime, you can browse around Zalora or share your Zalora Wish List here. Who knows you might be picked as winner.

Here’s to many more exciting years to come :)

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