Beach Braids

Every other time we travel to Bali,  we see little girls running around the beach barefoot in cute little braids. They’re just too cute and pretty. While the moms are probably thinking more from the practicality point of view …. it saves them from the hassle of hair styling after frequent swimming.

Those girls seem to be living inside the swimming pool anyway. Early morning they already splash in the pool with a 20 minutes time off  for breakfast with their parents, before they rush back into the pool again. By midday they go to the beach, more swimming and sand castle building. Lunch time followed by surfing lesson on the beach. Late afternoon, back into the pool with their parents who are now having their cocktails & beer by the pool bar. See what I mean?

This year, Briana is 3 years old and her hair is finally long enough for braiding. Yay!!!

We found a hair braiding corner on the second floor of Kuta Discovery Mall. Within half an hour, the braiding girls (4 of them) had managed to put about 50 braids on her. With a huge effort I must say, as she struggled and screamed in protest. It was her first time and understandably she didn’t know any of those four girls.

I was pretty happy with the result and the way she looks. We even put her hair in braids for school.




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