Tawa Collection Showcase

My daughter Mahesh always shows us her interests in performing: singing, dancing.  I’ve been thinking to send her to one of classical Javanese or Balinese dancing lesson someday. Last week, in the middle of my a bit hectic schedule of doing everything, Yari Sugarda, one of tawa founder, send an invitation to attend her collection last Sunday, December 4th, 2011. She also asked me to bring my daughter, Mahesh, to be one of their cute models. Of course, I accepted that happily and prepared Mahesh for it. I show her some of kids fashion show videos on YouTube, then we discussed about it, made some comments and direct her of what to do “oh so serious, ey? “ :))

What is tawa? tawa collection itself found in 2010 by Tascha Oking and Yari Sugarda. The word “tawa” means laugh, represent happiness of a kid (but also, I think, it’s short for the founders name: TA-scha and WA-hyusari/Yari, such a great and meaningful combo, Ladies! :D).

The founder hopes that tawa would bring a love and appreciation in batik since the very beginning of (Indonesian) children life. They made it with simple and modern patterns and delightful colors of apple green and watermelon red. Moreover, this contemporary spirit will get batik closer to the kid joyful life and soul.

On Sunday, we’re all gather on 1 PM at Amarone, Kemang, for the kids having their lunch there before the show. By that time,  tawa personnel already decorate the place with an arrangement of colorful batik scraps, hanging all over place, creating a fun and cute environment. They also placed the painting corner for the kids to make their own creation on t-shirt and tin box while waiting for the show to begin. After the show, the kids also could join one pizza making session, administer by the house chef.

The kids should do the general rehearsal,: positioning, walk and posing, with the fun and lively song like Maroon 5’  Move Like Jagger” (in fact, I’m listening to the song while writing it) and so on, It went well, they were all relatively easy to manage and all are great in posing and moving. Ah, kids these days…

After that, Mahesh and her new friends immediately go to the painting corner and paint the tin box eagerly while waiting for the guests to come.

About half an hour later, they call the kids to put on their clothes and shoes (by PERI) that they already tried before on fitting day. They gave Mahesh two jumpsuits for the show, one yellow string romper and one blue Laura jumpsuit and one golden PERI sandals which I want ones too! *ahem*

I have to help her put on all these while everyone moving in chaos all around us. Whoaa..this is how the backstage of fashion show feels, I kinda like it tho.

All set, and here they go….the loud sound of music, the guests curious staring, applause and all, o, I’m so proud of Mahesh. She’s done it with great confidence, facing all that with fearless gesture. Put herself standing upfront, right in the middle when posing for the after show photo session.

At the end of the day, we bring home one pair of PERI golden sandals to complete Mahesh’ one tawa maxi dress in apple green at home. She’s happy and all chatty all the way home, and have a new vocabulary “fashion show”

Congratulations for Tascha and Yari, I also do hope that Indonesian kids would love batik (and any other Indonesian traditional clothes) and appreciate it like their mothers do. Wish tawa all the best! ;-)

*photos by Iwan Pirous






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