Magali’s 1st Birthday Carnival

My baby girl Magali is turning one, so I wanted to throw something special for her 1st birthday.

This party’s  theme all started with the venue!

A month before the day I began to look for the venue. After finding a perfect place along with carousel, trampoline, mini train, etc.…all of the sudden this idea came out. Nothing’s more fun than make everyone feel like a kid again with a Carnival theme party!

I was so blessed to have a HUGE favor from one of my FD besties Ruth Wijaya a.k.a Tje2p. Between her time as a full time employee, she was still able to sneak some time to discuss our party project and materialize what’s in my head to become visible. Each weekend–the only time we can meet up-all the thoughts and ideas were shared through crazy creative moods discussion (bencong gitu lho! :p).  It was so much fun to plan and went off without a hitch!

After the party invitation been created, everything began to fall into places. At first there were only toppers, thanks you cards, table tags and backdrop. But then we continued to make the guest book, menu cards & x banner (for the photobooth). I even got a little carried away by ordering some fridge magnets with “Magali’s 1st Birthday Carnival” printed on it :)

The party turned out great. The kids had a blast-and the adults too! :p I guess everyone loves a carnival!!

Here’s some recap from the party…

Dessert table :

Cupcakes, lollipops, choco freeze pies, carnival pops, baked macaroni, fruity milk & la jolie marguerite nougats.

Photo Booth :

Guest Table :

Favor Bags :

The Birthday girl :

Kids (and some adults :p) activities :

Another good thing is we didn’t get any stress and laborious of planning this party….instead we just looove every minute of it! :)

Big thanks to Tje2p & Mr. J. And special thanks to Lena for her ‘after party’ favor.



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  1. Pingback: Ira

  2. YAY! gue pun seneng banget nih bikin printilan ini Be, judulnya aje ‘mau ngurusin persiapan ultah Magali’ padahal ujung2nya, ‘makan di mana kita? yuk…’ hahahaha
    dan ketika semua printilan itu di-print, keluar warnanya…gue terharu, kok bagus bener yaaa…hahahaha… gue seneng banget dah…kagak ada capenya *bo’ong* :lol:

    eh, sebut dong nama EO-nya, EO Mamak Tante :D

  3. Ini cakeeeppp banget ultahnya! Sukaaa banget deh color scheme-nya dan terutama temanya. Carnival Party itu sungguh keren abis lho Beb dan Tjep. Apalagi cucok bener sama lokasinya yaa..

    Ih gue jadi terhantui pesta ultah ini kaannn.. Pengeennn apalagi lo bilang biayanya cukup ramah di kantong kan ya, Beb?

  4. Thanks Ra,,, Mungkin gara2 themenya carnival jadi slm persiapan pesta, gw & Tje2p bawaanya giraaang mulu :)
    Btw, udah ngecheck ke Pasya blm? Untuk paket anak2nya emang harganya sangat2 bersahabat tuh, tp berhubung keluarga besar gw jmlnya hampir 100 pax org dewasa (ambon pulak! )…kejadianlah budgetnya bengkak 3x lipat :p
    Kapan nih ultahnya Nadira?

  5. Momlicious…hihihi…eonya beduaan doang, si Mamak dan si Tante :p

    Mosesa….the kids had a blast! Sampe skrg sdr2 gw msh suka ceritain soal pesta ini…n komennya ditunggu yaa ultah ke 2nya ! *tweuweeeeng…
    Thanks ucapan selamatnya ya, that’s so sweet o/ you :)

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