DIY: Table Decoration Using Cupcakes Paper



What a lovely flower decoration, right ?

This decoration is very easy to make.
You could use them for party decoration or just a regular decoration in your living or dining room.

Here we go…


(1) What you need :
Styrofoam ball | Rp 10,000
Cupcakes liner (any color or style) |  Rp  12,000 ( For 1K/pcs )
Flower Pot | Rp 12,000
A Glue Gun
Total Expenses Rp 34,000

(2) Take 1 Cupcake liner and fold/scrunch the liners around

Put a dab of hot glue on the tip of the liners ,
stick the liners into the styrofoam

Don’t worry, the cupcakes liner are securely glued on the ball.

(3) You will need some help to put the ball in place, you can put in the flower pot or on a tape so the ball will not roll.

Repeat until the whole ball is covered with lovely cupcakes liners!


(4) For this particular POM-POM  I left a space  uncovered so I could set the ball on a large  glass candlestick.

(5) If you attach it with a fishing line or a  ribbon, you can make a beautiful lantern  like this.



*Thank you, Sherlly Wu for sending us this article

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