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I can’t remember when the first time my girl knows how to use keyboards and mouse. And I can’t quite remember when the first time she knows how to switch on our PC and Notebooks. I surely can’t remember when she grabbed a notebook adapter when the battery is running low. I was never the type of mother who punches in every first time activities of her offspring into writings, let alone micro blogging or any social media.

She is 2 years and 4 months now, and she digs gadgets. To the Max. (Which am sure, at this age of Internet and Technology super highway with flood of gadgets in store, parents are with no doubt will stick an iPad/iPhone to their toddler just to keep them stand still for 5 minutes).

New to iOS? Need a little heads up (ideas) for your little Bill Gates? Well am here to share some of my girl’s favorite Apps (available on iPod Touch/iPhone/iPad). These apps are probably limited to kids age 2+ though

  1. Sesame Streets
  2. Imho, no doubt that Sesame Streets are the best, most original, most trusted early child edutainment ever existed.  Go to Apps Store Search, type Sesame Streets, there will be eBooks and Games available from USD 1.99 to USD 5.00.

    Ollie loves the Elmo Monster Maker the most.  It lets her tap and slide to create sesame streets monster to her liking, make it laugh, pretend to be in a roller-coaster ride and dance along to the tunes where the monsters get to go to the club.

  3. AppleTree Books/iReading
  4. With amazing pictures, bilingual options (Mandarin and English) and a wide collections of Illustrated Audio eBooks for kids, this Apps wins Ollie’s attention and unfortunately able to add quite a few dollars to my credit card bills.Here’s some more of Olli’es favorite; The Ugly Duckling, The Hare and The Tortoise, The Lion and The Mouse, The three Little Pigs, Thumbelina, and much much more that only cost about USD 0.99 – 3.00/title.

  5. Duckduckmoosedesign
  6. This is an award winning Educational Apps for Children (as stated on their website of course :D). Ollie loves The Itsy Bitsy Spider and Wheels on the Bus the most. All the apps from duckduckmoose lets you touch, explore and sing along. It can even records their own singing (on iPad). Once again, the apps cost just USD 0.99 – USD 1.99/ apps.

  7. Tomatointeractive
    • Giraffe’s Preschool Playground (imho, The Best of Tomatointeractive). Ollie quickly learned about letters, numbers, and animals while singing along the ever so cute song “Monkey Got Away”.
    • If you’re Happy and You Know it – allows kids to play along and do some clapping and stomping. The catchy songs managed them to stand still and focus.
  8. So far, they have six known applications and only three are for toddlers. But  I will only mention two of my girl’s favorites;

  10. Their flashcards is cool! Real photos of everything your toddler needs to know. From Alphabet to Fruit and Nuts, from Vegetables to Animals. Again, only USD 0.99 – 1.99 /apps.
    They also have other applications for older kids (3-5 year old) with more challenges and interactions.

  11. Baby Cortex apps
  12. Ollie’s favorite is only the Baby Piano (Somehow the Baby Memory and Baby Flash failed to impress her).

  13. Animal Sound Board Game (by Brain Counts)
  14. The games comes in free (for lite) and paid (full apps at USD 0.99) version. My girl loves to touch the different animals in the screen and most of all; she loves to hear the sounds of the animals.

    So there it is. There are always new applications released and applications on sale everyday on Apps Store. It waits for you to explore. I swear to God I’m not working for Steve Jobs. I am working for my girl.

    So what’s your favorite apps, kiddie?

    *Dikirim oleh Yenny (@cicik) ibu dari Ollie

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  2. thanks for sharing…anakku juga demen banget beginian..bukan ipad tapi, ipod touch..dan karena emaknya pelit, cari app nya yg free alias gretongan ajah..hehehe..
    mayan juga kok dapet flash card gitu dari a-z..trus puzzle buat anak2.. :D
    trus yang paling demen anakku itu yg ada gambar binatang2 trus kalo dipencet ada suaranya :)
    aku ga apal nama yg bikinnya ato nama app nya, soalnya biasa cuman klik search ajah n bermunculan tuh app2nya :D

  3. Hanzky

    Thank you Yenny…nanti sampe rumah gue download deh semuanya :D. Tapi kalo Jehan aneh deh, dia lebih seneng mainin iphone daripada ipad. Mungkin karena lebih kecil dan bisa sambil dibawa-bawa kali ya? :D. Gue nggak inget sih aplikasi yang dia mainin apa aja namanya, ntar deh dari rumah gue komen lagi. Tapi standard lah ada coloring, alphabets, puzzle (dia suka banget nih), trus ada Barbie juga…dia juga suka main Cooking Mama :D

  4. thx for sharing yaa, gw biasanya nyari apps yg gratisan *emakpelit* dr apps. Kalo di iphone, aplikasi favorit Misha ada BabyFirst, Doodle Buddy & Coloring. lumayan lah, namanya jg gretong yaa..
    Pengen sih beli yg Sesame Street2an itu.. tapi nanti semakin lama pula iphone gw dibajak sama Misha.. secara Misha fans berat Sesame Street.. -__-

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