Today’s Outfit: Anaya

Anaya is the daughter of our forum member Anargya (Anita) and she’s almost 4 years old by now. I can still remember the chubby little girl that I used to see on the pictures of Anita’s blog here. Anita used to update Naya’s development since when she was still in the womb up until she was around 2 years. At that time she still have so very few hairs (the same problem I had with my daughter Raysa LOL). So I was a bit surprised to see Naya’s picture on the Kids Today’s Outfit posing her school outfit.

Naya loves outdoor activities such as riding her bicycle and roller-blading.

  • Top: Gap Kids
  • Shorts: Carter
  • Shoes: Crocs Electro

Anita told me that this dress is the one Naya used for ‘baju rumah‘, but I thought it’s a really pretty dress even to be used for a walk in the park. The dress was from Sogo and the brand is Lil’ Cute.

So what did you learn at school this week Naya? Auntie would love to hear your story.

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  1. amal, hahaha iya senasib ya dulu raysa sama naya, botski2.. tp alhamdulillah pd panjang2 ya boo skrg rambutnya.. raysa jg agak kriwil ya mal rambutnya?

    hani, iya awal2 ikutan TO kids naya masih di stroller ya.. hihihi gak brasa skrg udah gede

    lita, tengkyuu tante.. itu rambut kriwil sptnya turunan opungnya :D

    dhita, diitt naya mulai menggendut pas pindah ke doha.. apa lo pindah ke doha juga ya biar azka tambah ndut? hihihi.. kiss2 juga buat azkaa

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