Today’s Outfit: Nara

Nara, the daughter of our forum member Happineesh just celebrated her first birthday early last month. This is what she wore during her birthday celebration.

  • Dress: Groovy Antsy
  • Legging: Ralph Lauren
  • Shoes: Mothercare
  • Headband:

According to Happineesh, the entire outfit (with only exception on the headband) comes from ITC. Oh the joy of living in Indonesia. We’re blessed with so many Factory Outlets so that we can have good quality products at affordable prices.

As most toddlers, Nara’s cute headband didn’t last long on her head. But we Mommies like to keep buying cute head accessories don’t we? Eventhough we know it wouldn’t last long. They’re just too irresistible

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  1. Hihihi iya bener, bando2 atau kalung dan segala macem asesoris gitu nggak pernah bertahan lama di kepala anaknya tp tetep seneng aja sih gue makeinnya. Happy birthday ya Nara cantik!

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