Today’s Outfit: Maika, The Little Socialite

Maika came with her Mommy to an event held by Fashionese Daily and Banana Republic. And look at what she brought to the event? A Tattler-esque attitude. She looked like a pro posing in the wall of fame while toting her tiny frame bag at the crook of her arms, just like how the socialites do it :D. Since Maika lives right at the city center, malls are like her second home, and she never leaves home without her cute red bag :D She even insists to have her bag checked at the security gate when she enters the mall. Oh..she is beyond adorable!

Sweater top: Mothercare
Denim skir: Zara Baby
Shoes: Pediped
Bag: Unbranded

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  1. affi

    Sudah liat aslinya dan ngeliat foto ini jadi inget lagi gimana gemesnya gue sama Maika hari itu. Udah gitu tampangnya lempeng aja gitu pas kita kerubungin, as if saying “Oh, what is the fuss?” :D

  2. Makasih ya Tante-Tante :)
    Maap Mama koq lupa mampir sini ya.. hehehehe… Jadi telat makasihnya :D
    Isi tas Maika sih kalung ama jepit ajah. Kadang-kadang ada kaos kaki ama stiker :)

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