Inside Jayden’s Diaper Bag

Mommies: Felisia

Child: Jayden Chandra

The bag: Allerhand bag

Reason why you like this bag: I like Allerhand diapers bag because the bag is very stylish and there is nothing babyish about the look. Moreover, i really like this bag because it has many compartment and large storage space to fit both baby’s and mummy’s stuff.

The Contents and Why You Bring It:

  • 3 Mamy Poko Diapers.
    i bring 3 diapers because its very important to change the baby diaper
    once in an hour to avoid irritation.
  • Changing Mat
    to put under my baby during diapers change
  • Blanket/Kain Bedong
    I use them to lay my baby on, to cover my baby and to protect my cloth
    from messy burps.
  • Plastic Bags
    For storing soiled diapers.
  • Wipes, Tissue and Diaper Rash
    To protect my baby from diaper rash
  • Pacifiers and my baby’s favourite toys
    To comfort and sooths my baby
  • Disinfecting Hand Gel
    Just in case for urgent hand cleaning
  • Formula, Water, Hot water bottles and Extra bottles
    i bring it to feed my baby
  • Baby’s clothes, socks and shoe
    To change if the baby’s outfit get wet or dirty
  • Sun Hat
    To protect my baby from the sun
  • First Aid Kit
    Including Band-Aid to protect from minor injury.
  • Washable Bibs or Kain Wash Lap
    To clean my baby’s mouth after feeding

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