Who doesn’t love playing in the water?

For as long as I could remember, most of my fondest childhood memories always include splashing around in swimming pools, bath tubs or running around, dancing and singing in the rain :D When I stepped into a water park for the first time, I was so happy I felt like dreaming.

Back then, we didn’t have plenty of water parks, there were only one in Ancol, which I never got around to try because it seems like it’s always very crowded or the one in Pondok Indah. Other option is flying to Bali and spend a full day at Waterbom, Kuta, which realistically, one can’t do every weekend.

But now, it seems like a new water park pops up every year!

Snowbay at Taman Mini Indonesia Indah is among the newest one. It is built in about 3 hectare area and claims to have the biggest wave-pool and most extreme water attractions in Indonesia. My family and I visited Snowbay during the new year’s holiday and can report to you that it was massive!

It seems like Snowbay has something for everyone in the family. For the thrill-seekers (a.k.a dads and their boys), there are the Hurricane and Flush Bowl slides. Hurricane takes you from the 15 meter high tower and lets you spiral downwards in a roller coaster-like movement while Flush Bowl, well, I guess you can tell from the name what it is. Basically, you slide from the 15-meter high tower and then you will be directly dropped in to the Flush Bowl and  revolve in extreme speed in the giant tube. Much like what happens if you try flushing down the remote control :D It may sound scary but Flush Bowl is safe enough as long as you follow the guidelines.

If you’d rather float lazily in a tube, there’s the Typhoon River which lets you stream through the snowy valley, caves and water falls.

One of the funnest thing about Snowbay is the huge wave pool. Every hour or so, the wave starts and everyone from across the park hurries there and gathers to ride the wave while squealing and giggling in delight. So fun!

If you have little toddlers who might not be able to ride the thrilling slides, don’t worry! Snowbay has a Toddle Zone, which is quite big, complete with a small wave ‘river’ and water springs, so your children can play to their heart’s content. For slightly bigger kids, there are Moby Zone, where they can enjoy some adventures, like mini slides or boat riding, and the Kid’s Pool. My favorite spot of these pools are the hot spa, located right beside the Toddle pool and Kid’s Pool. I don’t have to explain to you what it is, just know that we, parents, can take a little breather from the chasing and playing, and relax a little in these pools.

There’s also a giant bucket which pours 2 tons of water at once. This particular spot seems to be popular among the kids and adults. Even I did my time standing near the bucket when it tilts down so I could get a little splash of water to cool myself down :D

What about the grandmas who don’t want to get anywhere near the water and out of the sun? Well they can relax in one of the cabanas while enjoying meals from the food stalls, maybe even catch a nap while they’re there! (That’s what Aluf’s Uti did :D)

Some tips for you who are planning to visit Snowbay:

  • Like all family recreational spots, Snowbay is very crowded during the holidays and it can get a little uncomfortable, so try to avoid going there during these times.
  • Bringing food from outside is not allowed so be sure to bring cash so you can buy some from the stalls and restaurants. The food isn’t fantastic, but at least there are some varieties, from nasi goreng to cheeseburger.
  • If you forgot to bring swimming suits (how could you?), there’s a stall that sells these inside the park area but choices are limited.

Snowbay is located inside Taman Mini Indonesia Indah (TMII).

Ticket price:

Mon – Fri (except Tuesday) Rp. 100.000 (adult and children 2 – 5 years old)

Saturday, Sunday & Public Holiday Rp. 120. 000 (adult) and Rp. 100.000 (children 2 – 5 years old)

Phone: (021) 8778-3530 / Fax (021) 8778-3580

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  1. Fi, tempatnya bumil friendly ga? masih punya tiket gratisan dari Buavita belum kepake nih..
    trus buat toddler yang baru bisa jalan aman juga kan?
    oya, nggak harus pake baju renang ya kalo mo nyemplung atau deket2 kolam?

  2. mommika,

    Tempatnya bumil friendly kok. Kalo capek dan ngantuk tinggal tiduran di cabana-nya hihihi
    Buat toddler yg baru bisa jalan jg aman, asal dijagain yahh. Pasti seneng deh main di toddle zonenya karena banyak air mancurnya gitu :D

    Kalo cuma nemenin di pinggir kolam aja sih gpp gak pake baju renang, tp kalo nyemplung semua badan gitu kayaknya harus deh…

    Have fun ya! Cerita2 dong kalo udah ke sana :)

  3. affi

    slingbag & demode,
    Hehehe ya iyalah rame, wong gue ke sananya pas liburan tahun baru. Makanya di tips yg paling bawah gue bilang, kalo bisa jgn dateng pas liburan panjang karena emang rame banget…

  4. Mei thn lalu ke sana, ga liburan panjang (hari sabtu) tapi ga kalah ramenya sama poto di atas.

    Buar ortu Hurricane and Flush Bowl wajib dicoba. Utk anak2 kolam arusnya patut dicoba. Oh ya, makin siang dapetin ban2 kuning/biru itu makin susah…pengunjungnya bejubel :)

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