Inside Ollie’s Diaper Bag

Mommies: Cicik

Child: Ollie (15 months)

The Bag: HDY

Reason why you chose this bag: I have 5 reasons why I love Ollie’s diaper bag.
Its Sturdy, its Black, it has loads of small compartment, Its red in the inside. It’s a Backpack!

The contents:

  • A set of Tee and pants. ==> in case she creates messy deeds.
  • 1- 2 disposable diaper ==> coz one is never enough
  • 1 Cloth Diaper ==> for the same Diaper resons
  • Diaper mat (Comes from the bag)
  • Nursing Apron ==> breastfeed here there anywhere
  • Soft Blanket / Cotton Blanket ==> Covers everything  (Public baby chairs, public couch, etc.)
  • Baby Wipes ==> oh this is a MUST. Clean bums, cleans dirty meals, cleans hands
  • 2 washcloth ==> drooling toddler can never have 1 washcloth
  • Ollie’s Backpack Harness ==> ever been used properly. Just in case one day we decided to take Ollie for a walk. Get it? LOL
  • Elmo ==> this one is optional. Depends on the destinations
  • Snack/Lunch box can be shoved inside too

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  1. Gue jg punya HDY, Cik. Tapi yg model selempang. Keren dan murmer yak? hehehe.. Sayangnya, IMHO, bahannya si HDY ini lumayan berat. Jadi, begitu ditambahin isinya, duh, berasa bawa gembolan kemana-mana deh. Skrg diaper bag itu malah dijadiin laptop bag sm laki gue, hihihi.. :-D

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