Today’s Outfit: Kalila

Today’s Outfit is one of the most popular features in our sister site, Fashionese Daily, where our forum members pose in front of the camera to show their friends what they’re wearing on that day, though sometimes the pictures are posted a few days after, but let’s not get technical okay? :D

Anyway, about 2 years ago, one of our forum members, Amy, proposed an idea to have a Today’s Outfit specifically for kids and we thought, what a great idea! The thread quickly became popular and is still one of the most visited in the forum. Now that we’ve launched Mommies Daily, we will feature a Today’s Outfit for Kids on a weekly basis that is taken from the forum thread (with the parents’ permission of course) or snapshots of the editors’ little munchkins.

So as the first edition, we thought it will be fitting to start with the person who started the thread in 2007. This is the very first Today’s Outfit of Amy’s daughter Kalila (8 months then) that Amy posted 2 years ago :

And this is Kalila’s TO (now 3 years old) that Amy posted recently. See how she has now grown into a pretty little girl who poses so naturally like a pro? :D

Photo 1: Poney top & Guess Jeans

Photo 2: Poney top & pants

Photo 3: Next top, Guess Jeans, Next boots

Awww these little ones really do grow up before our eyes :)

Anyway, if you want to participate in our Kids Today’s Outfit thread, please register to our forum. See you there!

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  1. Affi, sebenernya untuk satu today’s outfit harus beberapa kali jepret deh baru dapat satu foto yang lumayan. Tapi Lila memang rada banci tampil juga sih. Padahal lagi ngambek, tapi begitu di suruh pose langsung ceria. Walaupun setelah itu balik lagi ngambeknya hahahaha

    Opi, awww thanks tante opi..itu gaya andelan Lila belakangan ini :D

    tje2p, makasih tante! iya bener banget cep. anak cewek cepet banget gedenya. diriku makin berasa tua..huhuhu *sambil menghitung kerutan di wajah*

    dits, thankies tante ditta :) Rambutnya banyak tapi ga tebel. Haluuuus banget. Kalo dikuncir susah banget rapinya. Btw, pengarah gaya Lila adalah papanya hahaha

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