Sixteen Million Diaper Bag Organizer


affi16 Dec 2009

Sixteen Million Diaper Bag Organizer

I hardly bring diaper bag these days because 1) my 2-year-old doesn't need that many stuff when we're going out, unless of course we're staying at her granny's and 2) I'm not the type of who can splurge on designer diaper bags so I think mine looks pretty standard, definitely not the kind of bags I would call "stylish" so the sooner I can get away from not bringing it, the better! :D But "not a lot of stuff" is still quite a few stuff especially when I also have to bring my own gears (a.k.a lipsticks, perfume and more lipsticks). I am also a bit scrambled by nature, so when I received the Sixteen Million diaper bag organizer from Andara Store I was so excited!

DiaperO 002

DiaperO 004

Diaper Bags Organizer works pretty much the same way as a regular bag organizer but larger, has more pockets, sleeves and compartments for stuff you need on the go. Everything I need fits in here: diapers, change of clothes, wet napkins, minyak telon, bottle, tumbler, books, socks and toys. There is still A LOT of room for my own stuff too (not shown on picture): mobile phones, wallet, sunnies, digicam, pen, notebook and ahem makeup. And even if I bring all of those, I can still happily swing my own bag because the organizer is hidden inside!

DiaperO 013_edited DiaperO 010

It is quite large so it probably only fits your medium to large tote bags but I don't find it as a problem since I love big bags (I'm not exactly small myself you know :D)

Sixteen Million Diaper Bag Organizer is available at Andara Store for Rp. 125.000. Don't worry if you visit their website and don't see the products there. It's brand new and Andara Store is giving Mommies Daily the exclusive preview, but you can of course order it via e-mail to

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