The Band that Holds Up Your Pants

bellabandIs your belly getting bigger that you can’t button your pants anymore?. Why don’t you try this genius invention from Bella Band. Now you can unzipped/unbuttoned your pants to fit your growing belly and just wear this band over your pants. Don’t worry, it holds your pants up and creates a smooth belly surface. You can also let it peeks out as it will look like you’re just layering.

Di Jakarta bisa di beli di:
Bukit Hijau 9, #33
Pondok Indah
Jakarta 12310

If you live in the US, you can click here to shop.

If you can’t get your hands on this Bella Band, don’t worry for we have the simpler and cheaper alternative. Try wearing the short tube top, or bandage. You know the one you wear across your chest so you can hide your cleavage?. Yupe, that’s the one. Just wear it on your waist and it’ll hold your unbuttoned pants. I did it  on my second pregnancy and even have many colors to mix and match my tops..:)


There is another similar invention called the b buckle. This one looks like a belt and worn like a belt. I can imagine how it works on button fly pants but not sure how it’s going to work on zipper fly pants, is the zipper going to stay put? It seems like it’s going to get undone. But nevertheless, it is still a genius invention, you can still wear your favorite jeans and save money for not spending on maternity pants.

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  2. Hanzky

    depezahrial: Bikin aja duluu jadi nanti pas thesisnya selesai, anaknya udah siap untuk dilahirkan…hehehe….

    Pia: Hahaha..that’s why we have the boyfriend jeans for the chubby days…:D

    Ira: Berguna banget itu kemben ya. Pas udah melahirkan juga berguna supaya menyusui jadi lebih gampang.

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