Cute & Squeaky Clean Tees for Your Little Ones

I’m easily drawn into simple yet still cutesy t-shirts for kids. I know kids love their Spiderman and Dora clothes, but there are times when I’m just sick of those cartoon characters and just want to dress them in clean tees and jeans. That’s why I was ecstatic to receive samples from Cuppaku, an online shop that sells white cotton tees with minimalistic, unique and playful design. The tees are unisex and made out of 100% Cotton. I realized that white tee is not the easiest to maintain but in my opinion kids look best in white tee as it brings out their innocent look and keeps them look fresh for as long as you can make the tee spotless..:D.

Dear Aluf is wearing Lil’ Lover edition and the origami styled Turtle from Lil’ Nature lovin edition. Looking unbearably cute and charming.



Jehan is wearing the origami styled turtle & mouse . I seemed to always pick the wrong time to take her pictures…so it was kinda hard to get one. Love the two big dots on her chubby butt.


On the other hand, Jibran is always happy to get his pictures taken, especially when he is wearing new clothes. I just wish the t-shirt is a little big longer.


To get one:

Cuppaku Online Shop
sms 08158845891

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