Inside Raysa’s Bedroom

I thought I’ll share with you what’s inside my daugther’s bedroom. Like all little girl at her age she love all things with the Disney Princess print on it. She also love Hello Kitty Character, so she has a lot of Hello Kitty stuff inside her room. When we made the furniture for her room, we decided to choose a colour that is neutral so she can use it until she’s teenager. Therefore we choose the colour grey, because it can suit most colours when she decided she doesn’t like pink anymore.

The size of the bed is also made into a standard single size bed, so that we don’t have to make a new one when she grew bigger later. All we need to do is just to cut away the safety rail.

The wall is painted in washable paint for half of the wall because on some days that she decided she want to be an artist, she can just grab a pen or crayon and paint on the wall. This way, we can wash the wall afterward and she’s free to channel out her creativity. We found the sticker for the wall on ACE Hardware.

The other furniture such as the wardrobe, bookshelf and chest to store her toys is also made in grey to suit with the bed frames.

We’re most proud of this chest to store her toys. We can just throw everything inside there so the room look neater and you can’t see the mess :)

This is another ACE Hardware sticker that we stick into the chest, and Raysa helped me sticking it into the chest so when she sees the chest she felt ownership in keeping the sticker intact.

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  1. Gue jg mulai nempel2 sticker2 di ace itu mal di kamarnya Aluf. Lucu2 banget yaaa…

    Btw ini foto kamarnya Raysa kayaknya gak boleh gue tunjukin ke Aluf deh, bisa2 dia minta kamarnya dimake-over kayak begini juga nihhh But I think I need that chest! Lucu!

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