Raya’s “Me Time” at Spa Baby :)

Raya (then 2,5 years old) never had a hair cut except for her bangs (that I cut my self) and her hair grew too long , so we decided to go to a professional to get the job done. And since it was her first time, we wanted to give her an experience (plus so that we can take pictures of it to keep in her scrap book).  The Spa Baby in Dharmawangsa Square (www.thespababy.com) came to mind, because its near our place and she always wanted to go in every time we passed by.  We both love the place, first of all it was built with kids in mind and it’s not too crowded like other places you’d find inside a mall. They offer a lot of services from baby massage, baby aqua (swimming for baby 0-12month old), manicure & pedicure, and hair cut & styling. Everything they use is kids friendly and organic.

Raya got her hair cut that day, sitting down while watching Beauty and the Beast DVD in front of her and then switching to Barbie movie. The stylist was very nice and did a very good job cutting her hair. After the haircut, we played while eating cookies and waited to be picked up. She had fun and sat tight the whole time.

On another occasion Raya tried their manicure service and she loved it (she just loves anything glittery). And even though it’s not cheap (a haircut is Rp.100.000, and manicure is Rp.80.000), I think it’s worth going once in a while to pamper your little one. They even have facials, and they can do birthday parties too. Soo Cute :)

This is Raya proudly sporting her new haircut.

By the way, The Spa Baby just opened a new outlet in Miniapolis Plaza Indonesia (inside I Like Gym), so if you live in Central or East Jakarta, you can go there instead.

Dikirimkan oleh Aan, mama dari Raya & Rana

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