Lil’ Hands Project: Retro Flower Headband

Headbands are back! And the good news is you can make one yourself. Not the usual one that only goes around your head, but with some (easy) extra ordinary twist too.  This one is actually made for adult (and that adult is me :) ) but you can also make this for your kids. Just make the size of both headband and flower smaller to fit the size of your kid’s head.

DIY Steps:

  1. Take a thin elastic band in your favorite color. Mine is teal.
  2. Measure your head, then cut your elastic band according to its size.
  3. Now, glue both ends of elastic band with some glue gun.
  4. To make the felted flower, cut your mustard yellow felt fabric in circles. One is slightly bigger than another. Glue them altogether. You can also make the two circles in different colours to make it more colourful.
  5. Set aside a dark purple fabric covered button. Glue the button on top of the mustard yellow felted flower.
  6. Lastly, stitch the whole felted flower on your teal elastic band for better result. And you’re done!

This will also make a fun DIY activity with your kids, teach them how to draw shapes that they like and cut it together.

Sent by Amesh who has a very inspiring blog :)

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