Today’s Outfit: Raysa and her Umbrella

I had the chance to take Raysa to visit the University I used to study at during our holiday trip to Melbourne. According to my Dad it’s one of the thing that I have to include on the itinerary because it’s going to be educational. My Dad used to take me to UGM whenever we visited Jogja when I was little, and he’s right it used to make me wonder which University am I going to go when I grow up and what study I’m going to take.

It was raining lightly the whole day so Raysa was carrying umbrella everywhere.

  • Coat: Zara
  • Skirt: Marshmellow
  • Legging: Unbranded
  • Hat: Mothercare
  • Shoes: Nike

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  1. DesZeLL

    Affi – Iyah dia kecewa gak ada sapi. Dikiranya kampus gue penuh dengan sapi. Coatnya seinget gue dulu banget emang ada jaket buat orang gedenya. Tapi ini dapetnya di FO di Ambas dong :)

    Lita – Iyah cepet yah anak itu gedenya. Katanya Nona besok gue udah mantu *hiks hiks*

    Alice – TOnya gue di FD dong :)

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