DIY: A Collage of Your Kids Artwork

Here’s a simple DIY for me. And what I mean by simple is reeaalllyyyy simple. I have to admit that I’m hopeless when it comes to a DIY, but once in a blue moon I come up with something that doesn’t look too bad that makes me feel like a super creative person..:D

Last week, I went through Jibran’s artworks. Most of those are projects he’s done in school. At the end of the school year, every school he went to (four so far) always clipped everything for the parents. I’ve been preserving them since he went to school at two years old. These are only a few examples of his artworks:

There is  a small play corner in our house as the kids’ territory and I wanted to showcase his drawing and doodles there. The only problem was, how should I display them tastefully? I know it would be nice to hang them on a black modern wooden frame but I’m too lazy to go hunting for the frame and I figured it would be too expensive anyway.

So what I did was, I went to Gramedia and bought a…err I don’t even know what it’s called… it’s kinda plasticy and comes in different color. I’m sure all of us have used it back in elementary school. I got two of the black one and use scissor and a double tape that I already have at home.

I took one of his work and stick it to the plastic thing with the double tape and just cut it accordingly and voila, it frames it nicely.


So now we have a wall of fame in the corner of play area. I think it looks more lively and exciting rather than the boring plain wall.  And more importantly, I hope it builds his confidence and pride in his work and accomplishment.

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