Scrambled Eggs with Tomato Cheese Sauce

Still remember the Pumpkin Risotto with Cheese Sauce that I’ve written previously? If you’ve tried it at home and you’re in love with the cheese sauce as much as I do, you’d all probably happy to know that the tomato cheese sauce will also make a lovely sauce for scrambled eggs.

Scrambled eggs is a very common food for breakfast, it has really smooth texture so it’s really suitable as the first meal of the day. It’s also a great way to start introducing eggs to your kids because of it’s smooth texture and the tasty taste of eggs infused with butter when it was cooked. Sometimes, what turn off kids from eggs is it’s smell that can become rather discouraging. To tackle this problem, the cheese sauce would be a perfect companion and it also adds calcium and because it also has tomato in it you don’t need to worry on how to hide your vegetables on your kids’ meal.

The texture of scrambled eggs itself actually depends on the person cooking or eating it. For me, I like it really creamy so I prefer to use thick cream or cooking cream (such as Elle & Vire that you can easily find in the freezer section of the supermarket, next to milk, cheese and yoghurt). Most recipe for scrambled eggs used milk instead of cream but the result is more watery than using cream and with cream it has smoother taste on your mouth.

When cooking scrambled eggs, always use non-stick frying pans and cook it over low to medium heat and never overheat your pans! To achieve the smooth texture you should always gather and scrambled the eggs to one side of the frying pans and don’t over cook it or else the result will becomes too dry to resemble decent scambled eggs. If you cook it over low to medium heat the eggs should be cooked properly eventhough the texture is still very smooth.


2 Eggs (preferable free range or organic, the best choice for your kids!)

20 ml Milk / Cooking Cream (I used 15 ml of cooking cream for every 1 eggs because I like my scrambled eggs to be really creamy)

1 tbs of unsalted butter


Beat the eggs in a bowl and put the cream into the bowl and whisk it together, add pepper if you want to add spices and you’ve begun to give your kids pepper into their food.

Melt the butter in a frying pan. Add the eggs and cooked it over medium heat and stirring constantly. It took about 4-6 minutes for the eggs to be completely cooked. The eggs will become thick and creamy but still have flowing consistency.

My daughter raysa love mushroom, so I like to add champignon mushroom that I’ve cooked in a butter and toss it into the scrambled eggs just before the scambled eggs ready.

Serve the scambled eggs immediately with the tomato cheese sauce on top of it. For the tomato cheese sauce recipe please refer to this entry.

For the parents, try to serve the scrambled eggs with smoked salmon or as a filling to your croissant or other bread. It makes a good sunday breakfast.

What I enjoy the most is the part when me and Raysa will eat from one plate and fighting over the food and see who can finish it first.

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