Prefere72; Where a Kid can be a Kid

If you live in Jakarta, then you share the same problem with me and the rest of J-town moms; Don’t know where else to take the kids for a safe and fun outdoor play.

Prefere72 is one of the rare places that offer just that. I took my kids there every now and then. I casually tweeted about it when I was there last month. Out of my expectation, there were a lot of questions came from moms who have never heard about this place. At first I was a bit hesitant to share :D, afraid that the place will be overcrowded but then the logic in me took over. Every kid deserves to know about this fun place, and it’s our job to share about it :)

Located in in Jl. Kemang Timur No 72, Prefere has spacious outdoor arena. Equipped with multiple slides, seesaw, swing, trampoline and tree house. There is also a flying fox and a small basketball court at the corner. The winner of all the facilities is of course the water play fountains! Trust me, you will have a hard time asking your kids to get out of there and go home.

Not only outdoor, Prefere also have indoor playground. It’s gentler for smaller kids. It also come with a small trampoline, slides, ball pool. Both the outdoor and indoor playground is built on a safe rubber surface.

All the running around, the climbing and the hopping in trampoline will surely get your kids hungry. Now what? Order the food, of course.

Oooh it has cafes too? Yes it does. And the menu is not just the regular kids meal like fries and nugget but variety of food priced from IDR 25,000 – IDR 35,000. Fried rice, noodle, salad, soup, kungpau chicken, chicken hainan, salt and spicy squid, even roast duck and iga garang asem are on the menu. It offers plenty of beverages to choose from to from juices to teas, coffees and frappucinos. You can sit indoor or outdoor under the patio umbrella.

The current entrance fee is IDR 80,000 for the weekend, IDR 20,000 on Tuesday and IDR 50,000 for the rest of the week. Children under one is free. So yes, you bet I’m going to take my kids there every Tuesday. Since it provides fee wifi, I don’t have to be afraid to miss work because I can bring my laptop there and work while watching them play and at the same time feeling like I can have it all. Even if it’s only for a day.

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  1. demode: Iya tuh lagi ada promo itu..kayanya promonya ganti2, marii dipergunakan sebaik baiknya selagi ada..hihihi. Nah kalo anak gue lebih suka ke Kemang playground sebenernya, tapi secara lagi dua puluh ribu yaa di Prefere…:p

    cicik: Untuk yang playground luar sebenernya kurang recommended untuk anak dibawah 2 tahun karena orang tuanya nggak boleh ikut2an naik. Tapi ada mainan lain sih kaya ayunan, njot2an, trampoline, main airnya dan yg lain2 yg gak perlu naik2.

  2. Maminya Irvin: Hihihi..iyaaa anakku juga udah lama banget nggak ke Time Zone :D

    Ajeng: Nggak tau nih sampe kapan. Kalo yang indoor ya bisa kok untuk yang dibawah 1 taun, sambil dijagain tapi kan yah?

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