Inside Sebastian’s Diaper Bag

Mommy: Yudith

Child: Sebastian Syahraufi (1 year 1 month)

The Bag: Longchamp

Reason why you chose this bag: It’s simple, cute, strong, waterproof and roomy enough to carry all of my lil’ Sebastian’s things ;p

The contents:

  • diapers – you know why ;p
  • 2 sets of extra clothes (tshirt, longsleeves, short, pands, singlet, socks)
  • blanket
  • hat
  • jacket to keep him warm
  • small towel – in case he gets dirty or wet
  • baby wipes – big and small
  • baby bibs – too much drool XD
  • changing mat
  • plastic bags – for dirties
  • pacifier
  • small fan – if the weather gets too hot
  • bottle – for milk
  • hot water
  • sippy cups
  • spoon
  • bowl for snacks
  • diaper cream, hand sanitiser, minyak telon

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  1. @yokekomik : ini gw jawab mewakili Yudith yaa.. hehehe.. itu kipas angin plastik.. jd aman kalo dimainin sama Basti.. jepitannya berfungsi kalo mau di taro’ di suatu tempat sepertinya. CMIIW ya Jeng Yudith…

    Diaper bag.. pastinya nyari doong.. udah browsing2 yg backpack.. maunya bapaknya yg kayak gitu…

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