Suddenly Mama

Mommie Dearest (Medium)So there we were.. newlyweds at their 1st year. Having a ball. Traveling plans lies ahead in our heads, thinking of places to go and those things-to-do-before-you-hit-30-sort-of-things has been nicely crafted on our nifty minds. Yeah, of course those plans exist, until one day…

The day when Armin Van Bureen’s arse shakes Jakarta
the day I strangely threw up my whole takes of Long Island Iced Tea throughout the night.
The day when I’ve became sober enough to finally realize my monthly period has been unreasonably late
The day when my girlfriends urged me to buy a test pack and pee on it
The morning that I pee on wot-so-called-HcG Kit
The morning I saw a “ + “ sign on it.

The morning I rushed to a sleeping husband, sobbing. Performing a scene from a soap opera, illustrating a teenage girl knocked up by her boyfriend, asking for the best solution
The morning I have to go to work, emotionally unstable, whether to keep the baby or not…

From the moment we decide to tie the knots, having a baby is the last thing on our mind. (Well, at least mine). It was surely a horror episode when I found out that I’m pregnant. But, surely not to keep a baby is not an option. The thought just came amidst the wave of surprises.

Surely it was just a phase where certain confuse daughter just needs calming words from her mother, saying, “Well? How long are you planning to be childless?” DANG.

That questions from my mother works like a calm sea after a perfect storm. I suddenly stop crying and sobbing. My weeping morning cheered by dear friends who suddenly decided to have lunch with me, celebrating this unexpected pregnancy. (I love you friends).

42 weeks, riding on-emotional-roller-coaster, hop in and out a merry-go-round, nurturing a baby was indeed a more than words experience to me. How could I, a person who’s into hedonistic lifestyle, be such a fussy-over-protective-mother?
How could I? A person who thinks toddlers screaming at the malls are monster, but laugh whole heartedly when Ollie jumps at her Dad’s round tummy.

Unexpected as it is, I suddenly became a mom who gets parenting tips from Google, and couple of Mailing Lists, not to mentions seminars and classes. A mom who breaks all Grand Ma’s rules and silly myths. A mom who shabbily dress her baby without a “kaos dalem”. A mom who threw out all Baby Talc Powder and Lotions. mom who cries when her baby have to take a formula-milk when we ran out of breast-milk supply. A mom who boastfully tells everybody that she goes R.U.D. (Rational Use of Drugs). A mom who proudly campaign breast-milk is the best liquid in the world. :D Lastly, a Mom who sticks to homemade meals even when her toddler is showing a picky-eater trend.

With a kid in your life, packed with all the hustles and bustles, things can be an absolute topsy-turvy, but it sure does made a complete human being out of you.

And this whole unexpected motherhood leads to an unexpected parenting, has been such a pleasantly bumpy ride which I’m still riding with my husband and of course, our pretty little daughter, singing “the wheel on a bus goes round and round… round and round.. round and round… “

I have no regrets. Ollie is a blessing in disguise for me. With a smart witty little girl by my side, I couldn’t ask for more.

Sent by: Yenny aka Cicik , a mother of Ollie.

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